Student Leadership


The promotion of leadership skills is an essential component at our school.

We realise that students also need development beyond the classroom - one of those areas is in student leadership.

Student Representative Council (SVC)

Our school values student involvement through our school-based decision making process.

Student Voice is a vital part of the everyday running of our school. Through our SRC students have the opportunity to be actively involved in their school and make a difference. The leadership lessons they learn are invaluable.

Two representatives are elected from each class to form the student council. Across the year class meeting are organised and through the valuable information provided the SRC can make informed decisions. Our Students Represenatives are trained in the democratic process and practise relevant skills of team work and participation.


Senior Leadership

All our senior students (Years 6-7) have the opportunity to engage in our more specific leadership program that promotes strong collaboration, interdependence and organisational skills.

Students select an area of interest, these include:  Justice and Ministry, Hospitality, Information Technology and Peer Mediation.  

Through our leadership program students work with teachers and parents in partnership to promote a positive school community which values the wellbeing of all.