Primary Years


All students at St Thomas have the opportunity to participate in the Oliphant Science awards. This is a strong focus in the Primary and Middle Years where we provide opportunities for students to work scientifically, this enables us to question, reflect and critically think about the world around us.

Students are involved in:

  • planning investigations
  • conducting investigations
  • processing data
  • evaluating their findings

Students are encouraged to investigate, experiment and evaluate. In carrying out investigations, students use their existing appreciation of science and apply what they know. In applying their knowledge and skills, students develop increased understanding and may also challenge their existing knowledge.

Primary Years students are involved in a number of different sporting carnivals that include; Touch Football, Netball, Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics. Year 5 students also participate in an outdoor education camp while younger year levels spend a day at Challenge Hill in the Adelaide Hills participating in initiative games and challenges.

Primary Years students also have access to Macbook airs either through the schools leasing program or classroom computers. There is a strong focus on ICT skills. Students learn to use various programs to support their learning across the curriculum, these include; GarageBand, Keynote, iBooks author, Pages to name just a few!

All Primary Years classes work closely together as a team, utilising the specialists skills of teachers in running different learning rotations.