We view all children as competent, capable and extraordinary. Our Preschool is a place of joy, research, investigation, social connectedness and well-being. Our learning environment is purposeful, nurturing, inspiring, inviting and an expression of our trust in children.

Children should be active protagonists in their lives. Children have a voice that deserves to be heard and deeply listened to. We believe it is our responsibility to listen to their hundred languages and to make them visible. Children are powerful contributors to their own learning. We believe that experiences in Early Childhood lay the foundations in life for future learning as well as social and emotional well-being.

As educators, we listen, co-construct, facilitate, communicate, observe and document the learning of children. We aspire to develop authentic relationships, confidence, well-being and life-long learners. It is our responsibility to nurture their inquiring minds and support their learning through meaningful experiences that enable them to touch, move, listen and observe. We promote strongly social and emotional development and well-being. As educators we believe the smiles on their faces, their laughter, well-being and happiness is evidence of them delighting in being a child and wanting to explore and learn in a social context with others.

We believe that children deserve the absolute best in regard to education and care. It is vital that we educate children with an eye to the future. As such, we strive to develop confident and involved learners for the 21st Century. Children at our preschool have access to contemporary learning technologies that are integrated into our everyday learning experiences. Our learning design facilities the development of positive learning dispositions such as curiosity, creativity, resilience and learning relationships. These dispositions can be applied to any learning experience that the children encounter in the future.

We are incredibly fortunate to have a Preschool as part of our school community. We recognise how important transition to school is in the lives of our children. Our Early Learning team work in close collaboration and possess a shared vision for early childhood education which provides a seamless transition into school. Children attending our preschool have access to school facilities and programs, such as our library, Mercy Hall and specialist lessons. Children are able to attend school assemblies, Mass and Community Prayer. They experience a feeling of belonging as they become familiar with the physical school environment, form positive relationships with our staff and enjoy meeting and working with other children in our school community.

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Preschool Hours


Parents may enrol children for a total of 15 hours per week.

The options available are:

Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  -

8:30am  -  3:15pm


Wednesday  Thursday  Friday -

8:30am  -  3:15pm

Student starting ages

As of 2020 we will be offering a Term 3 Preschool and Reception intake. Children eligible for the intake are those who turn 4 or 5 between May 1st and October 31st of that year.

Please see the information attached and contact us if you have any queries.

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St Thomas Preschool is a certified ‘Little Scientists House’.

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“This certification demonstrates to parents and the community that our Preschool is committed to inquiry-based learning and Early STEM. It also promotes our Preschool as a progressive and active learning environment incorporating the concepts of inquiry-based learning, metacognition and co-construction”.

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“In addition to being a certified Little Scientists House’, St Thomas Preschool are also very proud to be the 2018 South Australian Little Scientists Early STEM Award Winner”. For further information -