Information Communication Technology (ICT)



Information Communication  Technology is an intrinsic part of life at St Thomas School and Preschool.

We offer students from Year 3 to 7 the opportunity to lease a laptop. This enables students to take charge of their learning and it gives our staff the opportunity to teach ICT in a clearly defined way.

While we believe ICT is its own separate area - which requires its own study - we also believe in giving students the chance to use it in all subject areas:

  • We have over 140 MacBook Airs and MacBook Pros being used (and leased) by students and as class laptops.
  • 14 interactive Whiteboards and several Apple TVs are used to explicitly teach and model. There is an expectation that Information and Communication Technology plays a prominent role in the classroom curriculum.
  • Early years classes also have class laptops and our Reception students receive a solid grounding by using iPads.

We encourage our students to use the computers to not merely gather information but to select, analyse, organise and use information to provide creative answers or solutions to set questions or research tasks.

Computer Safety

All students are required to sign a Certificate of Compliance after reading through a Computer User Agreement with their parents.

This is to ensure that all students have an understanding of their obligations when using the St Thomas Computer Network safely.

Administration and restrictions in access are in place to allow access to suitable material only.