14th April 2023  
School Holidays

Wishing our students and their families, staff and the school community a very happy holiday.

Look forward to welcoming our students back at school on Monday 1st May.

Advance Notice Friday 9th June is Pupil Free Day


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from the Principal ..........
As this term draws to a close, it has been wonderful to reflect back on the many wonderful events and achievements of Term One. Last week we gathered each morning for Holy Week prayer, coming together to learn more about the life of Jesus and his final days with his disciples. Then this week we celebrated the Resurrection with a Mass to acknowledge the season of Easter. Through this we are reminded of the powerful messages of hope and promise of new life that Easter brings. My hope for all in our community is that this season of Easter is one filled with joy, new beginnings, new moments of life lived to the full for each and everyone.

April is Autism Awareness Month. I have read recently a number of valuable communications around this and wanted also to bring it to your attention. Sue Larkey, author and specialist Autism educator, prefers the terms ‘advocate, ally and understand’ over ‘awareness.' This month is all about celebrating and advocating for neurodiversity. Being aware is a great initial step, but embedding this awareness into further learning and action is the next logical step. We must have awareness in order to understand, be an ally and advocate. Sue’s quote sums this up nicely, “Diversity is having a seat at the table, inclusion is having a voice, belonging is having that voice be heard.” At St Thomas we believe that all children are unique, precious individuals, with limitless potential and our mission is to help them thrive. In a letter to all students, our Director of Catholic Education, Dr Neil McGoran writes,

“Dear children and young people,

You are capable and competent people, learners and leaders. You are made in God’s image and are deeply valued for who you are – in and for the world God desires.

You have capabilities that you can use to help you live, learn and lead. Recognising and developing your capabilities enables you to be comfortable and confident in who you are, and ready to make a difference in our world.”

These words are true for all at St Thomas. It is our mission to nurture and care for all our students, to be aware, understand, advocate and be allies for neurodiversity. I encourage everyone to take that next step towards furthering our own understanding and experience of neurodiversity, for the benefit of all and enrichment of our own lives.

Last week, all families will have received correspondence from me relating to upcoming changes to the street signage in Angus and Rushton Street for parking, through the City of Unley. We do not have an exact date for which these changes will come into effect. The new signs are currently being manufactured and once they are installed we will need to comply with them. If you have not taken the time yet to read all of that information, I urge you to do so in readiness for this change.

A reminder that all active volunteers at St Thomas need to be registered with all documentation current and processed. This term I held three Volunteer Induction sessions and will again offer these in Term Two. Please look out for these on the Term Two calendar and be sure to attend if you are still needing to complete an induction.

I wish all our families a safe, relaxing and enjoyable holiday and look forward to seeing you all back with us at the start of Term Two.

Belinda Burford


School Calendar

Mon 1st        Term 2 Commences

Wed 3rd        Year 5 Camp

Thurs 4th      Year 5 Campers return 

Wed 10th       P&F Mothers Day Stall

Sun 14th       Mother's Day

Tues 16th     Reception Zoo Excursion

Tues 23rd    Year 3 Theatre Excursion


Fri 9th          Pupil Free Day


Over the past 8 weeks, it has been amazing to witness our Year 6 Seniors establish themselves in their role as student leaders of our school. From their time dedicated to serving as Crossing Monitors before and after school, to their leadership of our SVC. From their pivotal role in coordinating the house teams on our Nourish and Flourish Day, to their environmental action as part of our Eco-Warriors group. Every day we witness ordinary moments where these young people offer themselves to the service of others- to create an extraordinary difference. We witness these moments in all year levels across the school; with so many shining examples of what it means to be part of the St Thomas School Community!

But this didn’t happen magically; and it certainly didn’t happen overnight!

The wonderful example our senior students are setting, in all their unique ways, is a culmination of their leadership development across their primary years at St Thomas- combining the lessons learnt at home and the lessons learnt at school. We can see this emerging in our preschool. As our Preschool students work together as a team during the end-of-day ‘tidy-up,’ they are learning the importance of respecting spaces and working together. Leadership development starts in the most ordinary of spaces and in the hearts and minds of our youngest students.

Leadership is about standing up for what is right, believing in the good of others, showing forgiveness, working in a team, striving to be our best and making a positive difference in the world. Leadership is therefore an essential aspect of our mission in Catholic Schools.

So, whether or not your child holds a formal leadership role, such as Student Voice Council (SVC) Representative or is part of Eco Warriors, they each can develop their leadership capacity by becoming the best version of themselves. They were each born for greatness- a greatness that will be expressed in unique and powerful ways as it unfolds into the future.

This idea of our becoming was echoed in Fr John’s homily during our whole school Easter Mass this week. Fr John used the story of a piano maestro to help us understand the significance of God’s presence in our lives.

A mother takes her young child to the concert of a piano maestro, with tickets in the front row of the auditorium. As the house lights dim, the mother realises her child has disappeared from her sight and she starts to panic. Suddenly, the stage lights come on and there on the stage, walking towards the piano is her child. The small child starts banging on the keys in the playful way any child discovers music; and there is some laughter in the audience. As the mother tries to encourage her child to stop and come to her in the front row, the piano maestro enters the stage. The maestro stands behind the child, places his arms on either side of the child’s and starts playing. The combined music of both fills the concert hall and it is beautiful.

This is a beautiful illustration of our belief in how God is present in all we do. When we live fully, without fear or judgement and with a spirit of enthusiasm, no matter how we perform, or the ‘notes we play,’ God stands with us, making everything we do a celebration of wonder and awe. So, let’s continue to remind our young people the great impact they can have on others and the world around them.

Go gently,

Paul Mensforth

Deputy Principal

Dear parents, Caregivers and Friends,

Last week on Tuesday and Wednesday, we gathered as a school community to commemorate the beginning of Holy Week, a very special and sacred time in the Church year. Throughout the week, we remembered the last moments of Jesus’ life on earth. This Wednesday morning as a school community, we focused particularly on the Stations of the Cross to explore and reflect on Christ’s passion. 

Finally, we celebrated Christ Resurrection with an all school mass. During this special time, students had the opportunity to fully engage the story of the Holy week and Easter.

Here are some examples of what the students have learnt:

Jesus died on the cross. People were sad, but he rose from the dead and said goodbye to his friends before going to heaven.  Y/1 student.

The Last Supper means to me that I have a second chance. If I have done something wrong I can try again.

The new life means to me that I will play with different people this week so I can know people a little bit better. Y/3 students

Easter is the time when we think about Jesus and how he rose from death.

The Easter egg represents a new life. Year 4 students.

During Holy week, I learnt the lead up to Jesus crucifixion in more detail and how upset people were.

Resurrection means hope and gives us hope for a better life.  Y/6 students.

Project Compassion

Thank you again to everyone who has supported the Project Compassion appeal through the school QR code or the Project Compassion boxes. Your donations will make a difference to the lives of others.

Sebestyen Maglai   R.E.C.

from Chair of the School Board
These holidays, take all the pictures.

You made it! Whether you walked, ran, or limped over the finish line of Term 1, you made it.

School Holidays are upon us. Time to dust off “working from home” and perfect this parenting juggle. Hopefully, you are packing the caravan and heading away to hike some mountain, swim in a rock pool or just disconnect. If not, here are 5 tips for home activities – with proven outcomes.

  1. Arrange an outing with another school family.
When you do this, choose carefully. Think of the family which aligns to your parenting style – that will want to do the least number of arts and crafts or playground red rovers, and preferably, sit in a cinema with $100 worth of popcorn and chocolate.

The family you choose must be willing to identify that the excursion is safety in numbers.

Note - Screen time at another family’s house does not count.

  1. Recharge
You will announce to the family the holidays are to relax, recharge and rejuvenate to prepare for a big Term 2. You will recharge the screen devices to give you some peace and quiet.

  1. Cooking
This is always a brilliant school holiday activity. The children will choose the recipe, write down a list of 35 items you don’t have, scatter your kitchen with ingredients whilst making dinner. You will all smile at the creation, swallow it politely, and take pictures of this wonderful achievement.

After they are asleep, you will order pizza: after you have cleaned the kitchen.

  1. Have a day trip to the museum, library, Lego exhibition.
There are plenty of free activities on offer to enjoy and learn along the way. Remember to take pictures, lots and lots of them. Capture this brilliant moment of parenting, before you head to an afternoon of hot chips and raspberry lemonades.

  1. Repeat  
Repeat these achievements every school holidays. For many, many years.

Go make some memories friends,



Michael Grose, a parenting expert, author and former teacher, says, ‘Resilience is the art of staying steadfast in the face of life’s difficulties. It is the ability to bungy-jump your way through life when you experience loss, disappointment and hardship. We all want our children to be resilient. It will help them deal with some of life’s smaller and bigger hurdles.

In his book “Bringing Out Your Child’s Resilience,” Michael suggests that there are 21 attributes which contribute to the development of resilience.

Follow this link to discover all 21 attributes…

St Thomas Resilience Series by Michael Grose- 00 Attributes of Resilience.pdf

We will aim to provide ongoing information and resources on these 21 attributes to support our St Thomas families in the great work of growing their children!

Follow this link to access the third attribute… Respect….

St Thomas Resilience Series by Michael Grose- 03 Respect.pdf

Please see link below to access information for Camp Australia's Rocketeer Program these school holidays.  Bookings now open.

 Rocketeers Mission IX Autumn 2023 - Flyer.pdf

Duck and Turtle
Duck and Turtle is back these school holidays with 3 days during that first week.

Nick and the team have also expanded to Nazareth Catholic College for Year 5-7 students for those with older siblings during the second week. Hit the link for bookings and more information through the website.

See you out there,

Nick Mezzino

 Duck and Turtle St Thomas Flyer copy.pdf

Oliphant Science Awards
The Oliphant Science Awards are a fantastic opportunity for our students (R-6) to develop their interests in science through a competition with a range of categories to suit a wide variety of abilities and interests. The Oliphant Science Awards are open to all South Australian school children.

St Thomas has a proud history of entering the Oliphant Science Awards. Our school would like to provide the opportunity for our students to join the competition in 2023. A decision to register for the competition must be made by 12th May 2023. Other key dates are included below, along with links to Oliphant Science Awards information. Reminders will be issued via the SkoolBag App.

Categories include: Computer Applications, Games, Multimedia, Models and Inventions, Photography, Inquiry, Writing, Computer Programming, Posters and Robotics. Students can enter as many categories as they like.

 Oliphant Science Awards Note 2023.pdf

National Primary School Drawing Competition
Fun with the Fam

Students all over Australia and New Zealand are invited to enter their drawings, to battle it out for fantastic prizes on offer (including the opportunity to have their drawing on a billboard!!)

Entry is free and all entries must be submitted by 7th May 2023.

The theme is ‘Your favourite family activity’. Entrants are encouraged to let their imaginations run wild.  Primary school students from all grades are welcome to enter. Please follow the link for extra details and to submit entries.

Happy drawing!

Find out more >
FRENCH OPEN - Helen Rice Tennis School
Please see link below for details

 Helen Rice Tennis - French Open.pdf