17th February 2023  

from the Principal ..........
Dear Parents,

Our children are continuing to settle into daily routines and it has been delightful to see them enjoying being at school, engaging in quality learning and having fun with their friends. I am constantly amazed at how adaptable our young people are and, in particular, our children who are new to St Thomas School and Preschool. They have shown great bravery, resilience and positivity in adjusting to their new setting. Over the past few weeks as I have spoken to families in the yard, I have been thrilled with the positive feedback about this smooth start to the year. This was echoed at our Parent Information Evening this week and the Annual General Meeting. I thank all our family members who were in attendance in classrooms on Wednesday night. We had a fabulous turnout and there were very rich discussions occurring in learning spaces, again affirming the wonderful partnership that exists between home and school. Your presence at events like these is powerful and incredibly productive. Our AGM was a great success! Together with the School Board, I extend my thanks to all who were in attendance. We had almost 50 attend, showing their support and encouraging the future directions of our school and the work of our Board. At this meeting we acknowledged the retirement from Board of Jordan Parham and we announced the election to Board of our new member, Alana Lenart. Farewell and thank you to Jordan and welcome to Alana! Our Board has a number of areas of focus this year, including the completion of a new strategic plan and ratification of revised school policies and procedures. We are very grateful to Trish Jarvis for her role of Board Chair and John Thompson our Treasurer and thank them for their most valuable ongoing contributions.

For those of you in attendance at the PE and Sport Information Session on Wednesday evening, you will have heard from our PE teacher, Mr Toby Priest that there have been a few changes in relation to the Sporting Schools & Parent Initiated Sports program. You may have also noticed that the administration of Parent Initiated Sport is now centralised through our Office, with coordination by Mrs Lauren Adams. As you can imagine, there is quite an administrative workload attached to our very well developed and extensive sports program and we are pleased to welcome Lauren on board to assist us in this area. We are also seeking to be responsive to your feedback regarding streamlining of communication and using electronic means as much as possible. Therefore, you will find new processes relating to sport that use Skoolbag and QKR, reducing paper use and hopefully making your life easier! We are also seeking to encourage more parent volunteers in coordinating, coaching and umpiring of school sports. So if you can assist in this area that would be greatly appreciated. This year there is also a change in regard to the Sporting Schools program, where the free after school sessions will not be held, but rather these will occur during some lunchtimes to give our children alternative play options. We will be prioritising funding towards the purchase of new sports equipment for school. We are also keen to make connections with local sporting clubs and develop partnerships for sporting opportunities for our students, so please feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions here!

For those who attended the Music Information Session with Mrs Susan Czabayski, you will have heard about the many musical opportunities offered at St Thomas. Our students were treated to a wonderful music assembly earlier this term, where our music tutors and some students showcased their talent! I am sure you heard about this one at home! I think the Skoolbag link nearly broke that night with new registrations for instrumental lessons! We are so pleased with the interest in our music program and delighted to say that there will be more showcasing of our musical talent to come over the course of this year. So stay tuned for more information!

If you were not able to make our information sessions this week and are keen to hear more information, or have questions answered, please do not hesitate to contact our teaching staff or our office administration team.

Wishing you all a wonderful week!

Belinda Burford



Tues 21st        Shrove Tuesday - Pancake                           Breakfast 9am

Wed 22nd        Ash Wednesday


Wed 1st          School Photo Day

Thurs 2nd       Swim Training 8-9am

Wed 8th          Swim Training 8-9am


We stand at the beginning of a new chapter in the history of St Thomas School and Preschool. The Spirit has brought us together and calls us to something unique in this time and place- together. As a school community, we are ready to create our strategic plan for the coming years; a plan which holds the rich traditions of our school and inspires us to even more!

In our last newsletter, I referred to the importance of our beliefs and the impact they have on our future directions. In our Strategic Planning process, our shared beliefs and our Catholic identity and mission will form a strong foundation for this next chapter.

To begin to formulate this direction, we have begun an Initial Consultation process. As follow up from our AGM this week, we would like to invite all families to contribute to this important part of the process towards the development of a new Strategic Plan for 2023 and beyond!

This Initial Consultation will begin the process of gathering community perspectives, thoughts and ideas; and start to generate our directions for the next phase of consultation. We already have a good number of responses and the more we hear from the many diverse perspectives in our community, the better our strategic plan will be.

It is an exciting time, as we begin a new chapter and write this story- together!

Please follow this link to add your ideas… https://forms.office.com/r/4GU3Kp9YFS. The link will close on 1st March 2023.

Go gently,

Paul Mensforth

Deputy Principal

Ash Wednesday 2023:

The start of the Lenten season

“Lent comes providentially to reawaken us, to shake us from our lethargy.” Pope Francis

In 2023, like in every year, Ash Wednesday is the first day of the liturgical season of Lent. It always falls six and half weeks before Easter, beginning the Lenten season of preparation for Christ’s Resurrection on Easter Sunday.

Lent is a time to take an honest look inside ourselves, acknowledge our weakness and find peace and forgiveness. The Church calls all of us to the practices of prayer, fasting, and charity.

At St Thomas School, before we begin our Lenten journey, we celebrate Shrove Tuesday. This day is celebrated by Catholic communities around the world in different ways. Some refer to it as Pancake Day, Mardi Gras or Carnevale. In preparation for Lent, Catholics would use up foods which they were fasting from during Lent.  

This year, we will celebrate Shrove Tuesday with a ‘Pancake Breakfast’ in the school. After a short liturgy at 9.00 am on the oval, students, parents, siblings and visitors will receive a special ‘St Thomas’ pancake.

Ash Wednesday Mass          

Wednesday 22nd February 9.300 am in the Holy Cross Church

During the Mass, students, staff and family members will receive a small ash cross on their foreheads. With this cross we acknowledge that we are not perfect and we make mistakes. We are created out of love to become the best version of ourselves. Acknowledging our mistakes, helps us focus during the season of Lent to be our best selves.

Our Reception classes will only join us for the beginning of the Mass.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Sebestyen Maglai   R.E.C.

from Chair of the School Board
I’m glad I met you.

There are things people don't tell you before your child starts school.

Obviously, you know you will get to see your children grow, learn, and develop into little people in front of you.

What no-one tells you – is what you, as a parent, will gain too. How important that is. And how much you will treasure and value it.

My eldest is now in Year 6... a Senior... the end of the primary years. That means, I found my squad 7 years ago. The family I did not know I needed or I’d get. The family I now can't imagine a week without.

And I am fortunate to have a child in Year 1. So have found another circle. Who, after just one year, feels like they have been in my life for ten.

When you enrol in school, you are not told is that you will find a new squad, a new group. You will find and meet other parents and look back and wonder how you got through the years without them.

Your school community will become your new circle, your everyday circle.

You will soon know and feel everything that happens to the people and their little loved ones in that circle. You will feel the excitement of the first BMX Bandit Bike Ride to the local IGA; the disappointment when the little loves don’t achieve what they have their heart set for; and the overwhelming anxiety and worry when one of them is sick.

You will receive coffees at the door step, surprise flowers when you didn’t know you needed them, hugs when tears come at inopportune times and Sunday afternoon wines to avoid weekly meal prep.

Your phone will be filled with messages that are meant for sisters or childhood friends only. Your door will always be open, your car always ready for another person, and your house always ready for an emergency cup of tea, even when there are crumbs on the seat.

You may get sick, and your new friends will be the ones you call . You may lose a parent, and your new school community will be in the back rows of the church to support you. They will be the new circle.

It will soon stop being a concern if your children still play together or go to different high schools. As you realise this won’t change your squad.

This is my yearly reminder, to leap at the opportunity to get involved. Be the Parent Rep, go to the BBQ, sing 'Bust-a-Move' at the mums' nights.

If you are new to your school community, take the time to try to go to these – you won’t look back. It is daunting to begin with and may be hard to make the first step, but trust me, it’s worth it. Building your new circle from your new school community is such an important task.

This is also my yearly reminder to my circle, that I couldn’t do this ride without you. And I don’t want to. These mountains are easier knowing you are there.

So, thank you... to my new family... my new squad. I didn’t know that you came as part of the school deal. And I am so glad you did!

Trish Jarvis

Fee Payment methods

Fee payments can be made in full or by an approved payment plan.

Families paying in full by 17 March 2023 will receive 5% discount.

Upfront payment discounts are as follow:-

1 child $202.00

2 children $379.75

3 children $513.05

We encourage families to set up weekly, fortnightly or monthly direct debits. Forms available from the Front Office or email accounts@stg.catholic.edu.au


Jodi Jansons

Business Manager

Parent Workshop
Autism and Starting School in 2023 Parent Support Group

Monday 20th February 6.30pm Goodwood Hub

The group will be an opportunity for parents to connect with other parents of autistic children and learn practical ways to support their children starting school.

The group is open to kindy and school starters. Emma Reardon, Early Childhood Teacher and Early Childhood Intervention Specialist will be guest speaking at the first session and she will be sharing her tips on transitions and how to make these easier for autistic children.

Tickets are $35. Parents can register their interest from my website www.alanalenart.com.au

Thank you so much.

Alana Lenart

 Austism and Starting School.jpg

Adelaide Fringe: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Amelia Lees will be starring as Jemima Potts in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at the Adelaide Fringe. If you'd like to go and see the show, we are sure Amelia would love to see lots of familiar faces in the audience!  Amelia will be in the following shows -  3rd March and 4th March 11am & 3.15pm.


Friday Family Time IS BACK – after our COVID RECESS!
EMMAUS Parish (Goodwood, Colonel Light Gardens, Kingswood) invites all it’s primary school mums, dads and young children to a family evening

Friday February 24th    5.30 pm-7.30 pm

 Parish Hall alongside St Joseph’s Kingswood School  (Cambridge Tce)

Start your weekend with your family and other families in your community relaxing over a few drinks and pizzas

Low cost and no babysitters needed!

Provided: Nibbles, Pizzas, Ice-cream, Cordial. BYO alcoholic drinks

Cost:-  $6.00 per adult and $3.00 per child. For further information contact:

 Jacinta Astachnowicz 0434978908 jacintama5@gmail.com

Marie Smith 0419832185 mackam@senet.com,au

Adelaide Sports club invite primary students to join our Auskick clinic kicking off later this February in the South parklands / CBD

 AJB Auskick 2023 FEB digital flyer.png