2nd February 2023  
Term One: Sport Nominations
Term One: Sport Nominations are due next Tuesday (7/2/23)

Nominations for Term One Parent Initiated Sport (cricket, netball & touch) are now open.

Please complete the form on Skoolbag by 4:00pm on Tuesday 7 February 2023.

from the Principal ..........
Dear Parents,

I warmly welcome all students and families to the beginning of our new school year! We have had a wonderful first week with a very happy, calm and positive buzz around our school as children settled into their new routines and learning spaces. The contributions that you have made at home towards preparing your children to be school ready, whether it be for the first time or for a return to school, have had such a great impact; and for this we are very grateful. It has been delightful to see so many examples of resilient children independently entering the school yard, showing that they are ready for learning, ready to engage, connect and try their absolute best. All of this augurs for a most fabulous year ahead of us!

I particularly welcome our new students to the St Thomas community. We have a number of new Preschool and Reception students that have begun with us, as well as new students across a variety of year levels. We look forward to getting to know you more and trust that your time in our community will be enriching and fulfilling! I also welcome our new staff members this year, Ms Jodi Jansons – Business Manager and Mrs Lauren Adams – Administration Assistant.

As you will see on our school calendar, to be released on SkoolBag in the coming days, we have a number of wonderful community events scheduled and we look forward to sharing these occasions with you. Within this newsletter we list some of our key dates for the year for you. In particular, coming up this term we have our Parent Information Night on Wednesday 15th February. I encourage all our parents and caregivers to attend this event. This is such a valuable opportunity to meet your child’s teacher/s and receive more details about their learning environment and the year ahead. On this same evening we will hold our school Annual General Meeting at 5.30pm and invite you to attend. At this meeting we will share the reports from 2022 and finalise our School Board Membership. All current School Board members continue with their tenure, with the exception of one available membership, following the retirement of Jordan Parham at the end of last year. Jordan has been an integral member, bringing a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience over his time. We will formally acknowledge Jordan’s retirement at our AGM. A letter will soon be distributed, calling for nominations for School Board Membership and I invite you to consider this role as a most fulfilling way to contribute towards the St Thomas community for the benefit of all.

Just as we begin this year too, I take this opportunity for some timely reminders of practical and important information about daily school matters:

Morning arrival– School begins at 8.50am. Our school yard is supervised from 8.30am for student arrival. If supervision is required prior to 8.30am, please book children into OSHC.

Afternoon pick up – School ends at 3.02pm. Our school yard is supervised until 3.22pm. If supervision is required beyond this time, please book children into OSHC.

Late arrival - If children arrive late to school please bring them to the Front Office so that attendance can be recorded.

Visiting school grounds - If parents need to enter the school grounds during the day, outside of drop off/pick up times, please enter via main pedestrian access on Rushton St and proceed to the Front Office for assistance.

Car parking – is available at the Holy Cross Church. When using this car park please be considerate of: pedestrians crossing, keeping driveways clear and free from obstruction, slow driving speed, disabled parking use is for those with permits only.

Car parking in Rushton and Angus Streets – please follow signage. Be aware that this is currently under review by Unley Council and regular Traffic Control occurs in this area.

School crossing – Please ALL use the School Crossing to safely walk across Rushton Street.

Playground - The playground is out of bounds both before and after school.

In following these simple processes, we all contribute to the smooth operations at school and help ensure the safety of all in our community.

In closing, I wish you all the very best for the year ahead and look forward to working in partnership with you to bring to life our school motto: Faith, Family, Future.

Belinda Burford


Tues 7th            Sports Nominations Due 

Wed 8th            Year 6 Leadership Mass

Fri 10th             Nourish and Flourish Day

Wed 15th         Year 6 excursion to

                                          Woodhouse Challenge Hill

Wed 15th         Parent Information Night

Tues 21st        Shrove Tuesday

Wed 22nd        Ash Wednesday


We stand at the beginning of a new year- a year filled with potential, possibility and promise. We also stand at the beginning of a new chapter in the history of St Thomas School and Preschool. The Spirit has brought us together and calls us to something unique in this time and place- together. As a school community, we are ready to create our strategic plan for the coming years; a plan which holds the rich traditions of our school and inspires us to even more! So we begin by taking some time to focus on our beliefs as a community.

Thomas was a disciple of Jesus; and more than any other disciple, he expressed his doubts and questions. He expressed his own search for truth and meaning. St Thomas then becomes our guide to a life of discernment and searching- to faith amidst our doubt and questions. We spend our entire life becoming the very person we are created to be and our beliefs form this becoming. Our beliefs guide our actions and words in every moment.

Before the year began, our staff took some time to reflect on the importance of our beliefs. In our Catholic community, we are inspired by faith and believe in Jesus. Our Catholic faith and traditions are central to who we are as a community. We took some time to reflect on the Apostle’s Creed, the statement of belief which expresses our Christian faith.

As a Catholic community, we also acknowledge the unique life journey of each member of our school family. We acknowledge that we all bring our own beliefs to this shared story. As a way of expressing who we are in our St Thomas story, we created the beginnings of a community statement of belief. These are some of our shared beliefs which form the beginnings of a St Thomas Creed- a statement of shared beliefs. Each line was written by a different St Thomas staff member…

We believe that everyone is made in the image of God.

We believe all children are extraordinary.

We believe a smile can change someone’s day.

We believe everyone deserves to feel safe and included.

We believe there is good in everyone.

We believe relationships in all their forms give purpose to our lives.

We believe failure is learning in its true form.

We believe in community building a sense of belonging.

We believe in fun and positivity.

We believe everyone deserves to be treated with respect.

We believe in creativity and being open to different perspectives.

We believe we are responsible for our actions.

We believe the natural world can teach us so much.

We believe in love.

We believe there is a way to connect with all people.

We believe no one is more important than others.

We believe in looking at the world with soft eyes and a warm heart.

We believe faith is an important aspect of our identity.

We believe in tradition.

We believe all problems are solved with words and actions of love.

We believe we are all part of one community.

We believe God has a plan for us.

We believe God will guide us and give us strength.

We believe difficult experiences can help us grow.

We believe in empathy.

We believe in new beginnings.

We believe in forgiveness.

We believe that Jesus taught us never to judge another.

We believe in life-long learning.

We believe every opportunity is a gift.

We believe we have been blessed with the Earth’s resources and we must respect them.

We believe in truth.

We believe that the light of unity should be so bright that it can illuminate the world.

We believe in communion, being in relationship, honouring the dignity of each other; and celebrating the joy and growth from this.

I recommend taking some time to read these statements a few times; there is such breadth in our staff wisdom and experience. I also wonder if there is a statement which you would add to this list? We would love to add your beliefs to this shared story and establish a strong foundation of who we are as we begin this new chapter and create our future strategic directions. So if you can, email your belief statements through to pmensforth@stg.catholic.edu.au.

Go gently,

Paul Mensforth

Deputy Principal

Dear Parents, Caregivers and Friends,

Compared to the 2022 school start, it certainly has been a much positive return to school this year.

There was a buzz in the air. Each student had a story to tell about how their family travelled over the holiday period or had some precious Christmas memories to share with friends.

Holidays are always a great opportunity for everyone to recharge their batteries and Term One looks like being a very exciting and busy term!

I would also extend a very warm welcome to our new students and their families.

Our aim at St Thomas School & Preschool is to provide a warm and caring environment in which parents, staff and students work together to provide a holistic approach to education that encourages personal growth academically, physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually.

The school Religious Education program is based on Catholic teachings and our Mercy tradition.

This program is also a way to accommodate the busy schedules of learning and celebrations. This term our focus is on Project Compassion, Lent and Easter. We start to celebrate these events with a whole school Mass on Ash Wednesday 22nd February in the Holy Cross Church. Class Masses are held on Wednesdays. Holy week and Easter celebrations will be held at the end of the term. Please join us for these events.

Mass and Community Prayer Term 1 2023

Masses Term 1

8 February  Wk 2        Year 6 Leadership Mass                       

15 February  Wk 3      No Mass

22 February  Wk 4      Ash Wednesday Whole School Mass

1 March  Wk 5             9.30 am Year 2

8 March  Wk 6             9.30 am Year 3

15 March  Wk 7            No Mass

22 March  Wk 8            9.30 am Year 4

29 March  Wk 9            9.30 am Year 5 Harmony Day Mass

5 April  Wk 10               9.30 am Holy Week Celebration

12 April  Wk 11             9.30 am Easter Celebration                                                                                             

Community Prayer Term 1

Friday Week 1                9.00 am Ms Burford and Mr Mensforth in                                                    the Church          

Friday Week 3                9.00 am Year 4 Classes in the Church

Friday Week 5                9.00 am Year 6 Classes  in the church

Friday Week 7                No Community Prayer

Friday Week 9                9.00 am Year 3 Classes in the church

Sebestyen Maglai   R.E.C.

from Chair of the School Board
I’m not you, but no-one is.

Dear Every Parent,

It’s the first week. I know you held it all in. That was hard. But we will care for them too. Let’s do this as a team.

We've got this.

We know they have already been at school – with you, at home, learning life. You were their first teacher and you always will be. But whilst they walk through those gates, I’ll be the new kind of you.

But I won’t replace you. No-one will.

I can’t wait to hear about their summer holidays. What they did, what they saw, which mum you forgot to arrange the urgent playdate with. I am new to them, but I won’t be for long. I soon will get to know the things which make up them.

Soon I will learn who their favourite person is to sit next to, what face they make when they are nervous and when they need their puffer.

Soon I will understand the stress that is experienced if the laptop is not charged, how it hurt when they lost their basketball game on the weekend or the absolute joy of riding home from school on their own.

You already know these things. As you are their first teacher.

You don’t need to worry. I will care for them. I will see them. I will listen. I will promise to keep them safe and happy. I will encourage them to be their best, just like you do. When they don’t know things, I will teach them.

But I promise you, you are still number one. You aren’t forgotten. You are the one they draw in their pictures. You are the ones they write about in the stories about holidays.

You are the ones they look forward to seeing at 3pm.

So until 3pm. Trust us. We will be there. We have got this.


Every teacher

Trish Jarvis

Please note School Fee Statements will be issued Week 2, Term 1.

Families are reminded to return the Payment Plan Agreement Form which was sent home last year. Copies are available from the Front Office.

School Card applications are now open online via the link below. Application forms are also available from the Front Office. https://online.forms.sa.edu.au/content/forms/af/public/application-for-school-card.html

If you have any School Fee queries please contact accounts@stg.catholic.edu.au


Jodi Jansons

Business Manager

St Thomas Instrumental Program
Please complete the Eform (using the link here) if you are interested in your child learning an instrument at St Thomas.

Please complete an Eform for each instrument, if your child wants to learn more than one instrument.

Please Note:  All Students MUST complete the Eform (both NEW students in 2023 and EXISTING students who learnt an instrument in 2022)

Instruments offered:

Drums/Percussion, Piano, Electronic Music, Guitar, Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Recorder, Voice.

Once completed, a Music Tutor will be in contact to begin lessons.

Some lessons will commence in Week 2. Please be patient with tutors contacting you.

Susan Czabayski

Instrumental Co-ordinator

Nourish and Flourish Day
Next Friday 10th February, we will be celebrating our annual Nourish and Flourish Day here at St Thomas. Our learners will be participating in a range of activities as a whole school that continue to develop our Learner Dispositions and further grow our community connections. The day will run during normal school hours and will take place on the school grounds.

The school will also be providing a healthy sandwich to each learner for lunch on the day. If your child has any specific dietary requirements (other than gluten-free), we ask that you pack an alternative lunch as usual. The canteen WILL NOT BE OPEN on this day.


All learners are asked to wear their PE Uniform, with their House Colour T-Shirt (the same t-shirt used for Sports Day last year!) However, if students are yet to find out their House Team or they don’t yet have a coloured t-shirt, PE Uniform will be fine!


All learners will need to bring their healthy snack, recess, water bottle and hats as usual.


We are seeking 1-2 parent volunteers for each class to assist with preparing and serving the sandwich platters from 11:30am. All helpers will need to be Registered Volunteers. Please follow this link to confirm that you can help…


We are looking forward to what should be a fun and positive experience for our whole community!

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

Welcome back to a new school year! Our Outside School Hours Care, Your OSHC provides tailored experiences that aim to inspire your child and help them grow. We have been busy designing the perfect program and environment to kick off the new year. We can’t wait for your children to experience it.

We welcome all the new families who are enrolled in OSHC this term. We have prepared a variety of different activities and games for all ages children. we aimed to create a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment for all the children.

Our Term 1 program will focus on growing new friendships, learning from extraordinary activities. We have set up an engaging and inspiring Your OSHC space so every session you child will be able to choose from different experience in our many zones.

Meet our team:

OSHC Coordinator:  Deepika Gupta (Dee)

Educator: Shobha Rawat, Mianqiao Wang (BSC), Nazanin (ASC)

If you have any questions, please come and see us.

We look forward to see you and your family!

 Camp Australia.pdf

Westbourne Park Netball Club
Vacancies in the 8&U (players with year of birth 2015 or 2016), 9&U (players with year of birth 2014) and 11&U (players with year of birth 2012, 2013) age groups.

Please see flyer attached

 wpucnc2023 flyer.pdf


Resilience Confidence Discipline Fitness


Enquiries: info@worldtaekwondo.com.au

Ph: 0412 909 500