Middle Years

Middle Years


Students in the Middle Years have particular interests, needs and focuses. At St Thomas we provide a range of initiatives to meet these needs. Our Year 7 students fly to Canberra each year as part of our Civics and Citizenship program, while our Year 5 and 6 students are involved in an outdoor education camp each year. All our Middle Years students are also venture down to Pt Noarlunga for aquatics in term 4.

Students all participate in a range of sporting carnivals, where the focus is on participation and teamwork. These carnivals include Touch football, Netball, European Handball, Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics. 

Students are actively involved in the school community through their work as Peer Mediators, Canteen Volunteers, the running of Lunchtime clubs and their very own Gala stall. They also produce the St Thomas School Yearbook. They also have the opportunities to be elected House Captains, be part of our Justice and Ministry team and Hospitality team. All these opportunities give our senior students a strong sense of belonging to the St Thomas school community and parish.

St Thomas’ School is a part of the Parish Cluster with St. Therese School at Colonel Light Gardens and St. Joseph’s School at Kingwood. The three schools run a unique enrichment program whereby students move between the schools to complete two courses of their choice during terms 2 and 3. This includes such activities as; Robotics, creating iBooks, Drama, Visual Arts, Working with Textiles and Photography to name just a few of the programs on offer.