Catholic Education South Australia

Enrichment Program

Cluster Enrichment Program

St Thomas School is a part of the Parish Cluster with St. Therese School at Colonel Light Gardens and St. Joseph’s School at Kingwood. The three schools run a unique enrichment program whereby students move between the schools to complete two courses of their choice during terms 2 and 3. All electives have academic rigour that is linked to the Australian Curriculum and provide assessment for all students.

Please see the program overview below

The elective style program is designed to offer learning opportunities for students in Year 5-7, which would not otherwise be possible in a single school because of resource limitations. By consolidating our teaching resources, each of the schools can better cater for the diverse learning needs of a wider group of students. This way, the students can access high interest and high enrichment style programmes readily at minimal cost to each of the respective school communities.

Students involved in the enrichment program have the opportunity to use their acquired learning towards our Children’s University Program.