Our vision and mission

St. Thomas School and Preschool, in partnership with parents and the contemporary Church, educate children in Faith, within a nurturing Family environment, as we prepare them to contribute to the world now and into the Future.



At St Thomas School and Preschool we strive:

  • To be a ‘faith filled’ community where we value the unique presence 
of God in all people.
  • To acknowledge and support parents in their role as faith formers of their 
  • To educate in faith through the provision of a contemporary religious 
education curriculum that promotes the development of Christian values and Catholic traditions.
  • To celebrate our faith as part of the community of the Holy Cross Parish.



At St Thomas School and Preschool we strive:

  • To value the role of family and acknowledge parents as the primary educators of their children.
  • To form ‘life-giving’ partnerships between school, parents and the parish.
  • To promote a family inclusive environment that acknowledges and celebrates our diversity.
  • To recognize that we are all members of God’s family and are called to “Love one another”.



At St Thomas School and Preschool we strive:

  • To educate the ‘whole’ child by recognizing our role in ‘preparing children for life’ and a constantly changing future.
  • To commit to the pursuit of educational excellence.
  • To provide a broad based curriculum that acknowledges the diverse 
experiences, skills, abilities and learning styles of the children we serve.
  • To support and prepare children to take their place as ‘leaders of the 
future’ in a socially just world

Master Plan


Future Photo.png


See the link below for details of our school's exciting future plans.





 St Thomas School Masterplan_final.pdf